Saturday, December 03, 2005

A City that Was Never Legit!

I found this article about Chicago politics from the Illinois Police and Sheriff's News from 1995. It makes barely a mention about black politics in Chicago except that Mayor Richard J. Daley's 1955 election brought peace into the "squalid South Side ghetto neighborhoods where the African-American residents had lived in abject poverty and misery for so many years" and the murder of Alderman Ben Lewis in 1963. If you must know he was murdered after winning a mandate in his relection bid in 1963. You can read more details in the article.

Basically it gives a fairly brief history of Chicago politics. A little patronage, assasinations, civil disturbances, and extreme partisanship to name a few underlining themes. The article argues that Chicago is corrupt. Some may argue that it is still corrupt, as a matter of fact authorities are still finding some elements of corruption in city government even now although it wasn't what it once was.

Apparently the article claims that Chicago isn't yet ready for reform, yet. This article was written in 1995. Though there is an attempt to root it out through the efforts of mainly the US Attorney's office in Chicago. Who knows if the corruption will ever truly subside.

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