Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Labor Day weekend...

I went home for Labor Day weekend. On my brief holiday I went to the Chicago Football Classic. Virtually every year two historically black colleges play at Soldier Field. There are similar types events in Detroit and Indianapolis which apparently generate more interest than such a game does in Chicago.

Most often when I go to such a game Soldier Field in both its old configuration and its current one had never been full. However, this game often attract black movers and shakers, HBCU alumni, and perhaps individuals looking for a good time.

The last time I went to a game was back in 2001. That year I had gotten accepted into Morehouse. I attracted the attention of some Jackson State University students. That's the last time I'll go to the game with my mother LOL.

In any event this game instead of sitting in the stands, I was able to view the game in a luxury box at Soldier Field. A wonderful experience, I can make my own hotdog and all that good stuff. I even had some spicy buffalo wings. I know this doesn't count since this wasn't a regular season Bears game.

The question was how did I get to sit in a skybox. I have connections and that's all I'm going say. And I was on the same level as many of Chicago's (or black Chicago's) movers and shakers. It was a priviledge and the hope that maybe one day I'll have the luxury of my own box.

*crosses fingers*

In any case before I left Mississippi Valley State University was blowing OUT University of Arkansas Pine Bluff big time.

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