Monday, August 01, 2005

From the 49th Ward of Chicago

One rarely hears about any opposition to the Alderman or any other elected official in and around Chicago on any level in Chicago. We all have complaints with regards to our officials but then something serious has to happen for us to have a complaints. At this point though my only complaint is the fact that someone is playing around with our trash bins in the ally. Going so far as to switch them with other bins and stick us with the full ones that doesn't even contain OUR trash.

What you do is talk to the Alderman (and for those of you who don't know Alderman is the title of a city councilor). This person may or may not heed your request. In which case you'll find a way to oppose them. In a city like Chicago failure to take care of the concerns of your residents could cost you but even that's rare. Turnout for city elections have been that large in recent elections.

Either way I would like to mention that there is someone doing something about it. He has a blog even called The "Broken Heart" of Rogers Park. And he may not be alone. So in Chicago's 49th Ward there is discontent with their Alderman. In the last election turnout was only 10% of registered voters and this Alderman Joe Moore was re-elected. Unfortunate but true.

Either way I hope this could represent an important movement especially with all the corruption investigations in Chicago. Perhaps at some point I'd like to tell you about Chicago's system of government and my ward.

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