Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's up to parents to close achievement gap

Mary Mitchell has column which towards the end alludes to the achievement gap. Apparently blacks don't do well on the whole in schools. Me personally, I think black depend too much on public schools. If the public schools are terrible, what is the public officials answer typically, more resources for the public schools.

Don't think for a second I'm against public schools. I've been to public schools all my life and I've never been at the best ones. However, I've heard the propaganda points that if public education is cut there will be problems. When I was in the 8th grade I had this teacher who said better hope the Republicans don't get elected because they will cut public education. Yet somehome more money for the schools is the best solution.

Attending a class there was a student presentation on education funding. The system seems unfair. The more income in a particular community the better the public schools. Ideally there should be more equity. The poorer community don't have the income therefore are their schools going to be better funded. Sometimes I'd have to agree that maybe we should just destroy the public schools and start over. It would be the right thing to do for our children.

Now there is one more important problem to attack. The role of the parents. I'll be honest as I got older I didn't like how my parents would butt in when it came to school. However that is something I'd do when I get to have kids. I want my kids to do well and will be sure of that. Their routine will be one that I help devise. But parental responsibility is very important without it can our kids survive academia.

When I was in high school a parent came to school and was arguing with my African American History teacher about the fact that he was picking on her daughter. She was threatening to pull her daughter out of his divison (homeroom if you will). Isn't there more to worry about than that, perhaps he was picking on her because of her grades. I can definitely see why if her grades were suffering because of it, but it is possible that this girl's mother didn't know the whole story.

The point is parent should worry about their children's performance and take an active interest in their achievement. Who knows what their kids will be if we help them make it worth the effort. And to hell with the idea that academic achievement is not a black person's trait.


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