Friday, April 01, 2005

Uppity Negro

I found this website. I found it because I've been seing a couple of people around campus wearing shirts with Uppity Negro as the main text. It's interesting that this is the new term now, though of course a folk term. Nevertheless it means a whole lot.

This is how to be an Upitty Negro is defined.

Uppity Negro is a statement. In the tradition of Africa Americans who have come before us rebelling, raising hell, and even giving their lives for the cause of equal treatment for black people, Uppity Negro recognizes the rich legacy of Black rebels and attempts to awaken the rebel in all of us while beginning a dialogue within our communities.

You know some may be at odds with my rather conservative point of view, but you know this is a good statement to have as an African American today. This should not merely be directed at "whitey" but also at those who aren't accountable to black Americans today.-

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...And especially since Obama got elected.

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