Saturday, October 04, 2008

Got camcorders on my mind

I bought a new camcorder well actually that was last Christmas sometime. The other camcorder I had, well I don't know if it was defective or not. The last year or two that I had it I couldn't get it to operate. Not even to attempt to digitize some tapes. That just means for the foreseeable future I won't buy a JVC camcorder.

Anyway I bought a basic Sony Camcorder not much different that the one you see in the first picture for this post. It's a MiniDV camcorder and for now it's not likely that I'll get the new rage at the moment which is a hard-drive camcorder. For my part though, I'm considering it.

Especially if it's for the right price and it's in High Definition (HD). Most of the camcorders I have seen that are HD cost over $1000. My only problem is with a hard-drive camcorder.

Should I trust shooting my video and then saving it to some internal media, especially to a hard-drive, and then risking that it could become deleted or lost in some way. That's why I prefer tapes and I could of course save my footage to DVD tapes and perhaps when I have that ability I would. Of course I heard once that attempting to upload and edit video from DVDs is difficult.

Right now I don't trust hard-drives camcorders. I prefer to save video footage not on the camcorder itself like I would on a digital camcorder but save it on some outside media such as tapes. Although it's great to see that there are other options like memory cards, I'm still not sold on the idea of storing video on an internal camera hard-drive.

What do you guys think? Can you provide a critique of Mini-DV or hard-drive camcorders? Do any of you have anything to add on DVD camcorders? And are HD camcorders worth their suggested retail-prices?

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