Saturday, February 23, 2008

40 years later and aint a damn thing changed!

A rant from a blog that doesn't get updated enough, New Leadership Blog. We are in fact approaching the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's death and Domonique Huff doesn't like what he sees on any street in the nation called MLK Drive! Here's an excerpt and there is some offensive language in this piece and try to keep it in context...
t’s 2008 and this year, we will be remembering the 40th anniversary in which an assassin’s bullet claimed the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Each January, we always enjoy that day off from work with pay or a free day from classes.

When I drive on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Atlanta and any other major city I am not impressed with what I see. What do I see? I see niggers (yes, I said it—that’s what those people are) hanging out on street corners, trash thrown everywhere, business erosion, bad government schools, lack of representation on the city council, county commission and state level, lack of community pride and respect.

Is this what Dr. King took those damn bullets for back in 1968?

To see black people with no sense of decency or standards on a street named in his honor. It’s more funny to me that Atlanta has had several years of do nothing black mayoral leadership. The same blacks that cry and constantly remind us about the civil rights struggle but yet do nothing to uplift and repair our broken communities. The black community does not need another governmental program or any more government funding. What we need is for someone to finally start speaking and telling the truth. We need for some tough love and to cut the bullshitting. We need to stop worshiping the losers, having children out of wedlock in fatherless homes and start snitching. Many people mourned the death of the two officers in Dekalb County but yet nearly someone dies everyday in Dekalb County. Where is the mourning for them? Where is the 100 police officer search party seeking out their killers? Dekalb County police like Atlanta police and city government are not interested because we as citizens are not interested. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should not have to come and rally for you to stand up and say something. A white racist liberal should not have to get you agitated for shits and giggles.

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