Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh!!! Julia!!!

My girl just got knocked off of Hell's Kitchen. Sent home but it's not over for her, she's going to get sent to culinary school. Chef Ramsey said he was personally going to send her there. Yeah she's crying about it, but it's only the beginning.

I missed a lot of fireworks in this episode. Another member of the final five was sent home before dinner service was over with. See you Josh, I was amazed that he made it as far as he has.

BTW, last week it was Brad and Bonnie. Brad was sent home and for the second time in this season a contestant place themselves on the chopping block. The first was Joanna earlier in the season. Guess what they both got cut.

A lesson for you if you don't have to put yourself on the chopping block don't. Or
leave on your own accord.

For the record, Hell's Kitchen is still the only reality series I have found worth watching. Now I'm rooting for Rock.

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