Tuesday, June 26, 2007

VIDEO: The Lemon

Another production of On the Fence Films once again taking to task the Canadian health care system. Here's a description...

In The Lemon, director Stuart Browning shows how today's single-payer health care initiatives have a lot in common with the failed economic systems of eastern Europe. A system without competition and profits will lead to tight government control, shortages and medical rationing.
On another note I plan to see Michael Moore's new film Sicko about the American health care system. I can dismiss this movie as a cheerleader for a system not much different than the Canadian health care system, but I think I'm going to just see what Moore presents and go from there. I promise to write a movie review here on this blog. It could go to The Movie Cabinet, but the movie will be of a mostly advocate and political nature so I'll speak on it here.

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