Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lem's BBQ

This weekend I paid a visit to Lem's on 75th. I've had other BBQ over the years particularly Robinson's. I would go to their location at Union Station (indeed whenever I would take the Amtrak from there I'd get a rib tip dinner there), still nothing can beat a small tip from Lem's BBQ.

I took this picture on my phone while I was waiting to place my order. It's a cramped place and it slowly thinned out before I got my order. You know I should tell you something.

You may have seen this establishment in the Tribune in recent weeks. There was a clipping right on the partition from the Tribune. There was a picture of the place and a picture of the owner, James Lemons. I've found other things just looking around on the internet.

There have been sites where many people have chronicled their visits to Lem's BBQ at 75th and even another location near 58th and State (almost next to the Englewood line L tracks). I mentioned that Lem's was in the Tribune earlier this month. And I wish that article was still free.

Not too far behind me were a couple of white guys. Not to be racist, but for whatever reason I'm still amazed that they will find their way into black neighborhoods. It's not a problem though they're paying for a quality product and patronizing a black owned business.

This place is worth a visit if you like BBQ and you're on the south side of town. I haven't decided if I'm going to have a good cookout for Memorial Day, but if nothing else I can consider this my Memorial Day BBQ.

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