Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More city elections...

In most of my wards of interest there were some defeats and in most there will be runoffs in 11 wards. So by April a few more aldermen will be out of office we'll see, but quite a few are sweating. Here's a list from the Tribune...
Among the incumbents who apparently will have to continue to fight through the April 17 runoff voting were: Madeline Haithcock (2nd); Dorothy Tillman (3rd); Shirley Coleman (16th); Lona Lane (18th); Howard Brookins Jr.(21st); Michael Chandler (24th); Ted Matlak (32nd); Rey Colon (35th), Vi Daley (43rd) and Bernard Stone (50th), a 33-year veteran. Also facing a likely runoff was Ald. Joe Moore (49th), who was attacked as out of touch after pushing a ban on foie gras.
Also this...
There have not been so many wards involved in the runoff election since 1991. In the last election in 2003, only one incumbent lost outright in the first-round of balloting, with three more unseated in the runoff.

Predictions doesn't always come true as Ald. Freddrenna Lyle was re-elected without a run-off last night at 52.84%. Her closest competitor was Eugene Davis at 28.83%. At third was the Tribune and Sun-Times endorsed candidate Karin Norinton-Reaves at 13.98%.

For a while it was predicted Lyle would be in a runoff. It was even said that she hasn't entrenched herself. I can look at it this way, this could be the start Perhaps she'll blow away the opposition almost all the time, though I understand that plenty of people there aren't big fans of hers. Eugene Davis did so well I imagine because he's a pereniall candidate. He ran in 2003 and he ran in 1999.

The one shocker as far as incumbents was Howard Brookins, the Alderman of the 21st ward who's facing a runoff against Leroy Jones. I don't know how that was going to look but most of these run-off elections were really caused by the unions who were pushing for this big-box ordinance. Jones is the recipient of this help.

Still though I think Brookins has been doing a good job. He's been building up retail on 87th Street. There going to be a Staples and there's a Best Buy up that way. It's not a struggling ward but I see that things are looking up there.

Daley won by a certain landslide yesterday to. No surprise there, but I will go on the limb and say this could be his last term. I know that there's nothing else he'd rather do than be mayor of Chicago, but this would be a good time to get out. Dorothy Brown could be a rising star in the future. I certainly hope so, she didn't give Daley a race, but she doesn't need to remain clerk of the circuit court for too long. No more than Dan Hynes need to remain state comptroller.

Dock Walls wasn't even close. I'm not surprised by the fact that he lost. He's been attaching himself to the last Mayor Harold Washington. This is what many also rans have attempted to do, be the next Harold Washington and seemingly try to run as the black mayor of Chicago. In a city that is changing demographically, if you believe the whitewashing of the city, you can't do that.

Still during this campaign the credibility of Walls (who ran in 2003 for City Clerk against Jim Laski but was kicked off the ballot) seemed to go straight down. Well he has claimed to be an aide in the Washington adminstration but there were people from that administration who have said they didn't like him and that he inflated his own importance then.

Well I'm looking forward to 2011. We see that the Jackson's have pull in at least one ward perhaps they'll have more pull in others. Even enough pull to run and perhaps win the next mayoral election. Time will only tell.

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