Sunday, November 19, 2006

County GOP Calls For Bipartisan Election Committee

I saw the video to this as well. And I found this article from CBS2Chicago. Should there be a bi-partisan committee to oversee elections in Cook County essentially stripping away the job of David Orr, the current Cook County Clerk?

They talked about Commissioner Tony Peraica and his antics on Election night when he lead a march to the County's election headquarters. The chairman of the Cook County GOP says it wasn't a good idea.

Still I wonder if there are problems with the voting machines in Cook County and if there needs to be another system put in place. We shall see but for now the Clerk will continue in his capacity for the forseeable future. And that means the Cook County GOP will have to put some teeth into what they seek.


Pat Hickey said...


May you and your family enjoy a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

All the Best!

Pat Hickey

Cynthia said...

bipartisanship wouldn't be a bad idea. Peraica made a fool out of himself. I know many people are glad they didn't vote for him.

Jeff Trigg said...

With the Greens an established party in Illinois, it should be multi-partisan.

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