Monday, January 02, 2006

Pastor Rush stirs hope, skeptics in Englewood

Also in Sunday's Tribune a wonderful article on Congressman Bobby Rush and his current activity in the Englewood. Let me start of by mentioning his mortgage troubles that was mentioned on this blog last month. According to this article he has settled his problems which were as a result of his activities in Englewood and in pumping money into his church. Either way I just have to admire the work he is doing in Englewood at this time. Homes are being built and also so will a technology center and a cultural arts program.

Through the Rebirth of Englewood Community Development Corporation there were plans to provide job training and then get renters owning property. I kind of like this program I just hope he can get some solidly stable incomes into the neighborhood. That effort has been difficult because according to this article there isn't grocery store within a two mile radius.

I honestly hope the the congressman is successful in his efforts although I get the feeling that one day everyone will want to live in Englewood. It could become the next hot neighborhood.

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