Wednesday, December 21, 2005

South Suburban politics...

I found an item from the Capitol Fax blog about what is going on in the area of Dolton, South Holland, and the far south side of Chicago. I'm talking about the 15th district represented by Rev. James Meeks in the state senate. If you don't know who I'm talking about I attempted to chronicle his racial profiling episode this past summer on this blog.

First here's a history of what's going on out south. Back in 2002, Rev. Meeks mounted an independent campaign against the Mayor of Dolton who was also was the incumbent state senator, William Shaw. In November Shaw lost his seat and it's currently held by Rev. Meeks. I should also add that Meeks is an ally of US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. And Jesse Jr. has a bit of a rivalry, if you will, with the Shaws. Yes there are two of them.

William Shaw has a twin brother, Robert Shaw. He until earlier this year was a commissioner on the Cook County Board of Review. He also lost his seat to a Jesse Jackson Jr. ally. He attempted to run for the Village Presidency of South Holland but he lost to the incumbent, Don DeGraff.

The Shaw brothers used to be powerful players in not just suburban politics. They used to be a force in the city. I believe Robert Shaw was once a member of the Chicago City Council as well as a comitteeman in the city's 9th ward and he was ultimately ousted by the current Alderman Anthony Beale. Now we head into the Capitol Fax article.

The intrigue here is that Robert Shaw is seeking the seat of an ally of Rev. Meeks, State Representative David Miller. Also another individual working under Dolton mayor William Shaw, a lady by the name of Carmella Green is seeking to replace Rev. Meeks in the state senate. This is starting to look exciting. But it might be another defeat for the Shaws.

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