Thursday, September 08, 2005

In the news today...

1) Well the after effects of Katrina has been discovered in the Atlanta University Center. Rumors are that students from our sister HBCUs Xavier and Dillard have been allowed to come to class here. It is also said that one went to those schools and are looking to continue in school it would aslo be best to check out the schools in their state of residence.

In addition to that in an office on campus handling my business these students were talking about what was happening on the ground in New Orleans. Fires and looting basically. Dillard is said to be burned to the ground. I should check this out but this is really more serious. These students were talking about school opening up in January. In addition to that there is doubts that Dillard will reopen at all thanks to financial problems.

Hell there are also rumors that Morris Brown College (which also had money problem and lost its accreditation back in 2003) might be reopened for the displaced students. I suppose we'll have to see about that.

2)In California there was a move by the California legislature to legalize and recognize gay marriage. During the controversies of last year Mayor Gavin Newsome of San Fransisco attempted to force the issue by giving homosexual couple marriage licenses attempting to skirt California law. The will of the people as I understood stated in one of the various referendums were that the people wanted marriage to be between a man and a woman. Alas it seems that this is just so right that what the people decided is null and void.

Well Arnold Schwarzenegger comes into play here. Since I first got wind of this story the "Governator" (as I like to call him), I hoped, would veto the legislation. Well he has made exactly that pledge "out of respect for the will of the people". This bill was already narrowly passed.

In California if you are registered as "domestic partners" they are already given the same rights and duties as marriage.

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