Saturday, July 30, 2005


I must say that I'm an Amtrak supporter. I love the train. I wish I can take a train everywhere but that's unlikely. There are those who think Amtrak is a drain on the American taxpayer. First and formost I want Amtrak to be viable and I'm definitely not sure about their usage of government subsidies. Perhaps Amtrak can be run much like the US Postal Service it's pretty much privatized.

Either way riding on a long distance train such as either the Southwest Chief or the Capitol Limited is almost like a cruise ship. Think about it, there is a kitchen on board the train and a place to sit down and eat and there is also a cafe. They don't merely serve peanuts either (btw I've never taken an airline flight).

If you're a first class passenger you can take a room in a sleeper car. You also have a complimentary meal which is included in the fare. In making reservations for the Southwest Chief we found out that a first class seat on the train costs about $700. Despite that price I have no doubt the sleeper car is the way to travel. Usually when I take the train I travel by coach which isn't bad you're probably more likely to mingle with the people on the coach.

Amtrak may cost more than going Greyhound but it's probably more economical than taking the plane. You really have to search for a fare on an airline. The train is perfect for someone who enjoys the ride as much as getting there.

Perhaps one day I should do some research on Amtrak and perhaps I'll get back to this issue. And even take a strong stand on this issue.

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