Thursday, February 10, 2005

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At 2:01 PM, potatowned said...
Very good essay. Sounds like a school with a rich history.

Do a lot of ehnicities go to Morehouse or is it predominantly black?

Morehouse is a predominantly black school. There are a few "smatterings" of other ethnicities here. You might run into a white guy or two. There are two asians attending school here (one Japanese the other Chinese). If one didn't look at Morehouse as a black school this could really be the place to be for a good education provided that you had money, financial aid, and the aptitude. As well as the ability to work hard.

Also be advised that thanks to the work of many alumni of this great institution and other black institutions that it is subject to the same laws as Yale and Princeton. They cannot discriminate totally based on race.

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potatowned said...

This may be a stupid question but do they offer African Studies at Morehouse?

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