Thursday, February 10, 2005

2005 Otis Moss Jr. Oratorical Contest.

Morehouse students have to go to an assembly known as Crown Forum. Doing so fulfills a graduation requirement. Today, we saw a group of guys engage in an oratorical competition. Morehouse has a tradition of oratory, just look at Morehouse graduate Dr. Martin Luther King. There was one guy that impressed me today.

He talked of issues in black America specifically but also in the world in general. He said the good thing about Canada is their health care system I disagree. But he was right about things needing to be done in our own backyard. The way he did it engaged the students who used Crown Forum to catch up on sleep. He used a little hip hop rhythm and that was impressive.

Other guys did OK but that was a tough act to follow. If this did anything for me it just means that I should look at solving the problems in my backyard. I could look at the rest of the world and one should but what's not more important than the home base.

Well in any event the theme of this competition is "Men of Morehosuse: Creating Compendiums for Multi-Cultural understanding and World Peace". A good subject for a school which produced outstanding leaders.

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