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Sunday, May 02, 2021

Rubin Report: 'Woke' principal admits on tape 'anti-racism' hurts students


[VIDEO] A teacher at a private New York school Paul Rossi discusses his ordeal as he speaks up against "anti-racism" as his school. This is a tie-in to "critical race theory", basically in short hand in my own words: white people are racist and "minoritized" people are perpetually harmed by racist white supremacist.

The principal at this school a man named George Davison admitted on tape that they're demonizing their white students for something that they're not personally responsible for. Schools are for learning and they should learn American history and that means anything from slavery to Jim Crow to even what's going on now. However, to make a whole group of people evil because of past actions that those who aren't around now didn't personally participate in is a real problem and unfair.

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