Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Why are Californians moving to Idaho?

[VIDEO] Well some long-time blue states are experiencing an out migration. For example, Illinois has issues with an out migration due to a variety of issues and I found a video on that. In that case Illinoisans choosing to move to Tennessee.

This video shows Californians going north to the state know for their potatoes. Beyond that I know little of this Rocky Mountain state other than the potatoes. Perhaps some bizarre politics for example that Senator who was accused of soliciting for sex in the men's bathroom?

Anyway why are Californian's going to Idaho (or perhaps any state for that matter)? It's often about a lower standard of living. It's probably common knowledge that the Golden State isn't a very cheap place to live. I might find an article about housing prices perhaps a simple single-family home will far outpace the income of a family.

Of course I also recognize that just like Illinois, California have some serious issues paying their bills. We have issues with pensions and I'm sure other states have issues with their pensions also. Also Illinois may have their issues with entitlements - I would include public education in that. Guess what California does and of course many states do.

California is a state that has done very well, and even I admit to at one point having California dreams. Perhaps I wanted to be an entertainer and go to Hollywood and achieve my dreams - and no I don't think I'd want to be associated with Death Row Records, yep no rapping for me! Perhaps if I had been serious about learning more about computers when I got out of high school (Go Falcons!) perhaps I could find opportunities in Silicon Valley.

With a state that does so well with both entertainment and technology why is there a Skid Row in Los Angeles? Why is it there isn't much Californians can do about their homeless population? I feel as if there is a better plan than to allow people - who have their own assortment of issues - to collect in their cities and have their own tent cities. Even worse risk a serious health hazard as a result.

Meanwhile with these issues California is a sanctuary state taking a stand against President Donald Trump. Otherwise some Californians are seeing opportunity elsewhere they don't accept the failure of the Golden State's leadership. They do the wise thing which is to pick up and leave!

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