Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Mark Dice: Alex Jones in now an "unperson"

[VIDEO] You know I don't frequently follow Alex Jones, however, I do admire how he built some semblance of an empire. Of course he's know for his radio program and of course in keeping with the 21st Century developed his social media channels such as YouTube or Facebook.

Then we hear from Mark Dice today and find out that some of InfoWars' social media channel even past podcasts have been deleted. Facebook page is gone, YouTube channel is gone, any podcasts through iTunes gone....

Like I said I don't follow him, but he does have his supporters and have huge followings like Mark Dice does. Who's to say Dice isn't next? Since they didn't take his video down so far and he does often complain about censorship in his videos - he claims his videos have often been demonetized by YouTube - he can now say YouTube and these other social media companies are seeking to censor conservatives or right wingers.

As I've stated in some terms in another post, perhaps the established media (or if you prefer the mainstream media) wants to get back their power. They want to decide who gets to breakthrough and if they had their choice Dice or even Alex Jones would never have. A bit of a convoluted point, but then who's to say with this censorship that isn't the ultimate end game.

Right now this is how it looks, Jones was probably deleted from various social media sites because of pressure put on those companies by those individuals - Dice calls them liberals - who vehemently disagree with whatever views Jones espouse. Instead of debating people you disagree with you just look to silence them and shut them down.

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