Monday, March 20, 2017

Americans growing less religious

I'm not a very religious man, in spite of the sub-header for the blog. This scripture you see up top was found during a bible study and to be honest I haven't picked up a bible again since. Of course this isn't to say I don't believe in a God at all.

In spite of this I truly believe Americans should be able to practice the religion of their choice. That is one of the many things this country is all about right.

However, I understand via recent column that American's attendance at church is going downward. We're not attending church like we used to. Perhaps the activism of the faithful have turned off so many. Unfortunately another argument could be made here:
It’s important. It’s a confirmation of a line Ross Douthat had a year or so ago, telling the left that if they didn’t like the Religious Right, just wait until the see the Post-Religious Right. I’m getting anecdotal reports from readers and from acquaintances that young people with smartphones are not only streaming pornography, but also getting massive doses of political extremism on their devices. One source who sees the boys in his conservative Christian high school embracing white nationalism speculates that the megachurch Christianity of these high school seniors is not facing the reality of the world around us. If true, then the pastors and other religious authorities in these kids’ lives are simply not forming them as Christians to live in the post-Christian world that we have.
I don't consider myself a fan of the religious right. I accept their right to advocate for issues that are very important to them, however as time has gone on they are on the wrong side of these issues. In some respects I agreed with them, though never entirely lifted a find to forward their agenda. Although it seems there may be some progress on the issue of abortion for example.

As you will see in the piece linked above an increasing secularism is contributing to the ferocity of political battles in this nation. That is religion is seen as black & white, but the same could apply to politics. Various political issues could be seen in black and white.

Issues of civil rights, gay rights, abortion, universal healthcare, even immigration could be seen by either side in terms of black & white. No need to really consider the other side, this is the right thing no matter what and anyone against it is evil.

This may well be an ongoing on issue in years to come!

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