Thursday, January 29, 2015

Would you believe it's been 10 years???

I started this blog in 2005 and only just now thought to do a post about it. Started this blog while I was still at Morehouse and a lot has changed from that time.

During this period of time blogs were starting to get a lot of attention and now it's social media. Facebook was starting to get off the ground during this time and  YouTube as well. And now we have other social media sites to keep our attention.

The iPhone hadn't been created yet in 2005 and smartphones in general were pricey. Well cell phones in general were pricey although by 2005 prices had started to go down. At that point I had a phone that didn't cost me anything but a phone contract. Also the phone of choice back then was a flip phone!

Some my posts during the Morehouse College years - admittedly the longest period of my young life as it took me a while to graduate - involved Morehouse. Then after transitioning from college life the work world although to be honest I haven't found a "Morehouse man job".

Also I've started other blogs - such as The Sixth Ward - and it has taken off more than I could've ever imagined. There are still other blogs that I post to from time to time but they're still as important as this blog and The Sixth Ward. While I had been invited to post to other blogs such as Rich Miller's Illinoize or Gaper's Block this is the blog that started it all!

I'm sure I missed plenty of things, but hey it is what it is. Hopefully I can work on 10 more years.

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