Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year

It's four days into 2015 - which is in fact the 10th year this blog has been publishing - and I've yet to acknowledge this fact. And typicially in the days before or perhaps even after the new year everyone starts discussing resolutions.

The thing about resolutions is that I and probably most of us never really follow through on them. Resolutions are good to have although throughout the course of a given year we may resolve to do different things and those prove to be easier to accomplish than what we set out at the start of a new year.

I have a different set of resolutions and I'll just call them goals. Perhaps that's what a resolution is anyway a set of goals we hope to accomplish. Surely it depends on the tenacity that we set out to achieve them.

For the new year I have set out some goals employment wise as at the end of the year resulted in me going back to the drawing board in my job search. We will always have setbacks but one goal I have for this year is to finally procure something full-time.

Beyond that I'm sure there are others I would like to find although one thing could be said about 2014...the job hunting streak ended and I found a new job for sure. Perhaps this year greater things will happen for me in the future.

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