Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Campaign season is over...

I'm sort of glad too. When I watched Kentucky US Senator Mitch McConnell announce that now there will be no more campaign commercials I could feel the relief of the crowd. Perhaps we're all tired of campaign commercials especially if we were really paying attention.

As a matter of fact, I barely paid attention to them this year. I really didn't even watch many of the ads for state campaigns here in Illinois on Capitol Fax. Not sure why perhaps there was little interest on my part. All the same we don't have to be bothered for another two years.

However, I remember that here in Chicago it's time for another election campaign as city offices from Alderman to Mayor is up. Already it's time to make another decision and sift through more politicking. If anyone considered the race for Governor negative imagine the race for Mayor of Chicago.

All the same, today we know that the US Senate is now in Republican hands. Mitch McConnell who is the US Senate minority leader could be elected the Senate Majority Leader. Illinois now has a Republican governor in wealthy venture capitalist Bruce Rauner.

Also I shouldn't have been surprised that our senior US Senator Dick Durbin won his race. His Republican opponent Jim Oberweis who had been making appearances in Chicago's Black communities during his race isn't exactly an unknown name. Some may consider him a bad candidate although something seemed different this time about him. None the less Sen. Durbin won his seat one more time.

So for the country and the state of Illinois what will the future hold with a solidly Republican Congress and a new Governor in Illinois.

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