Sunday, November 02, 2014

2014 election in Illinois

To be honest I haven't really written about the elections coming up next Tuesday. There hasn't been much interest on my part this year primarily because of other priorities.

In 2010, I certainly built that election up as an important election. Of course that's not to say all elections aren't important and important could be said of this year.

Just like the 2010 gubernatorial election neither candidate looks great to me. I chose one regardless as I will this year.

I'm still not sure Pat Quinn deserves another term this year as I knew he shouldn't have a full term in 2010. He won and it was a close election as I suppose most people in this state wasn't feeling Quinn and they really weren't feeling his then Republican challenger Bill Brady.

This year another wealthy Republican Bruce Rauner - Brady was portrayed as a wealthy central Illinois businessman in addition to being a state senator - is running to be Governor of Illinois. He's looks much better than Brady, but I get the sense that most people in this state aren't feeling him either.

It's often stated - and very true - that where Chicago goes so does the rest of Illinois. The Chicago area is where most of the votes are. And you definitely have to cut into totals in Chicago in order to win statewide as a Republican. And look no further than the 2010 election totals for Governor and US Senate to see how true it is!

I'm learning in Rich Miller's recent column that some ads were shown in Chicago that wasn't shown in the rest of the state. That lets us know that in this state candidates will target the voters they seek.

Either way, I've already decided this will be a close election. Neither Rauner nor Quinn could possibly run with this election and I'd be surprised if either did. Time will tell if Rauner's reaching out to "minorities" in this state will gain him any benefit or that Quinn will actually barely pull out another victory.

See you on Tuesday!

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