Thursday, July 03, 2014

VIDEO: What's going on in Milwaukee?

[VIDEO] So what's going on in Milwaukee? Well this is a brief intro to a larger project I'm sure, but here's a description:
While Chicago often captures the nation's eye, Milwaukee, its neighbor to the north, faces an epidemic of violence, corruption, cronyism and injustice of its own.

As with Chicago, those bearing the brunt of this epidemic are in the urban inner-city communities. And like Chicago, whose Mayor Rahm Emanuel has played monopoly with the homes and fortunes of these communities, Milwaukee's Mayor Barrett seems to have abandoned the black communities of his city.

Yet a silver lining that ought to send chills down Emanuel and Barrett's spines is emerging — those digging out from the trenches of corruption are rejecting decades of failed "mis-leadership."
Above video is from Rebel Pundit and apparently they've been keeping track of what's going on in Milwaukee.

I have always thought of Milwaukee as a little Chicago. Both cities are on Lake Michigan almost 92 miles apart. Milwaukee doesn't have everything Chicago has, and granted if you have different big cities not all cities will have the same things.

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