Sunday, June 22, 2014

Le Deluge

[VIDEO] Unfortunately I'm not up on my French history. I know that near the end of the 18th Century the French revolted and overthrew their monarchy and executed their king & queen. Then Napoleon took over after France became a republic and then Napoleon became emperor.

Who knows, France's decline in those days started with the reign of Louis XV that Bill Whittle describes in this recent video. In this case Whittle compares Louis XV with the administration of President Barack Obama. While Whittle, makes reference a quote attributed to King Louis - "After me, the flood" ("Après moi, le déluge") - was never proven to be said by him. In fact it can't even be proven that anyone associated with him either said it or if he truly said it.

Either way what's the point of this quote and why is Whittle attempting to throw Obama in this? Well Whittle's point in say this is about passing the back. It's not about getting it right TODAY, but about passing the back to the next generation or person. It's someone else's job to fix it.

If that's true, a presidency that began with so much promise. A promise to fundamentally change the United States of America has fallen far short. Not only that, the President hasn't accomplished much during this almost one term and a half in office. He got Obamacare & a Nobel peace prize (merely for existing nothing tangible) however it's safe to say that his administration involved a lot of fighting with Republicans and nothing but wall-to-wall crisis that haven't be solved.

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