Wednesday, March 05, 2014

When one asks police a question about gun confiscations...

[VIDEO] I generally try to respect police officers. If we respect them then hopefully they will respect us so long as we're still within the bounds of the law. All the same, police officers while they have authority especially when it comes to enforcing the laws are still human.

Not that I would condone this, because if there is a law out there that you disagree with that's what the court system is for. It's OK to ask questions about certain aspects of the law that we as citizens are unsure about. In this case we may have to ask questions of those people who are on the front-lines, the police officer who would likely come to our homes if we're not within the bounds of the law.

BTW, the video you're watching is a phone call by Ashley to a Lt. Vance of the Connecticut State Police. Lt. Vance apparently was the spokesman during the course of the unfortunate Sandy Hook massacre. After he realized the nature of this call he refers to this caller as "anti-American". Lt. Vance also refers himself as "the master" and at that point he falls off the rails. He shouldn't even be a spokesman for a police agency if he uses such language.

Police officers do already have a tough job, but I'm sure the last thing many of our dutiful officers need are other police officers causing a noose to be tightened around the neck. Besides the beauty of America is that we're free to ask these questions not only of our lawyers but also our leaders and even our police officers. Although if you do question our officers let's hope you're not doing it in a situation where you could find yourself arrested.

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