Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So a Black legislator changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican?

[VIDEO] This has been out there for quite a while I may have seen this on a post at Instapundit. Elbert Guillory had been elected to the Louisiana state Senate as a Democrat and recently he had switched parties to become a Republican. The video found via Newsalert above was posted to YouTube on June 16th, however.

I have often stated that it's a waste of time and effort for anyone to talk about thie history of the Republican Party as it concerns Blacks. Yeah, it may be very important and certainly something that should've been read about in history lessons at school. Lincoln was  Republican and they were the party that advocated the abolition of slavery in America also Republicans were at the forefront of Civil Rights in the last century.

Great points, but let's focus on now. Guillory does that it's totally OK for him to talk about how the idea of "big government" solving all problems is really a cover of sorts. Is "big government" about solving the problems of the low-income people here in this nation or are they merely subjugation such people?

Once I made this argument a bit sloppily once and I got pounced for supporting more welfare for Blacks. Of course this is what happens when you attempt to offer a different idea on an internet forum. What I would say today is don't just talk about history come up with a plan or at least what are the solutions for the problems of today. There are certainly ways to talk about the many issues facing the Black community and of course later the history could be taught.

It has often been said, the Democrats stood in the way of Civil Rights for many years until the 1960s. The Democrats were once dominated by segregationalist Southerners. Yeah the debate over Slavery during the Civil War was dominated by Republicans, most of the Democrats who were opposed to abolition had basically seceded from the Union.

There are bound to be lots of things said about history and yes they should be duly noted. My idea however is to keep our eye on today. Why are Blacks being led down the wrong path by heavily supporting one party and what would be gained by supporting another party. And of course this needs not be about goodies and the Republican Party doesn't have a bad message when it comes to domestic issues.

The question is how to state it to different ethnicies from Blacks to Latinos or Asians.

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