Friday, May 31, 2013

My first #picstitch

Wednesday afternoon, I explored the intersection of 63rd/Halsted. This excursion made easier by the Red Line reconstruction where I could take a shuttle bus to Garfield and then change for a train there. I could either go north from Garfield or head west into Englewood.

Over at my other blog you see this intersection at various points in it's heyday. Here's another picture of a time when it was a destination of choice for many on this part of time. Alas within the last 40 or so years this intersection has seen hard times and is still looking for something to bring it back.

The top left and bottom right corners are of Kennedy-King College, one of the Chicago City Colleges. Perhaps this is one way to revive this intesection and with an L rolling along I have always envised that this area could be as busy as the Loop where another city college is located Harold Washington College. Although granted if it were to ever happen this area as a long way to go!

BTW, check out this page on the L stop adjacent to this intersection at Halsted.

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