Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Goof of the day: Obama edition

Goes to our Gov. Pat Quinn who at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield gave a speech and the following was reported by Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax:
Gov. Pat Quinn inadvertently made news today when he said during a speech to Democratic Party leaders that “Obama is dead.” A bit later he corrected himself and said “Osama is dead,” admitting he “goofed that one up.”

Oy, indeed. Was this a serious slip?

EDIT: NBC Chicago has more on Quinn's bad day including the quote above. It wasn't getting better for him was it:
He made a gaffe that drew some attention, too. Quinn, attempting to rally support for Obama's reelection campaign, said "Obama’s dead and the American auto industry is alive."

He quickly realized: “Osama bin Laden ... Guess I won’t use that one again,”
Yeah, he was also booed by union protestors as well during governor's day at the state fair.

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