Sunday, January 08, 2012

Concealed-Carry Myths

Been wanting to do a gun post and here's a good one. And a pertinent quote:
In the United States today, there is little doubt concealed carry is one of the hottest topics, at least for gun owners. Sales figures for compact, concealable handguns bear out this argument. Furthermore, at last count, there was a grand total of one state that had absolutely no provision to allow their citizens to carry a concealed handgun. In the other states, the majority have shall-issue laws on the books.
And if you read this blog, we already know what that one state is. Thank you Gov. Pat Quinn!

Anyway, there are people like my mother who can't reconcile the right to bear arms without thinking all the bad that could happen. Especially someone who really shouldn't be anywhere near a gun and they get their hands on one. They shoot someone they felt were dangerous but were completely innocent.

Not that this piece answers that point. Of course this piece let's you know what you can do to use your privilege to conceal-carry with great responsibility. Let's not forget guns are very dangerous tools and is certainly for only the level-headed.

Oh and here's to the state of Illinois to one day join the rest of the United States in allowing for conceal carry without the irrational fear of those who absolutely believe in gun control!

Via Instapundit!

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