Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zonation: Time to Lower the Confederate Flag

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[VIDEO] PJTV's Alfonzo Rachel follows up on this story about a Black college student's insistence that he should be allowed to display the Confederate battle flag in his dorm room window. Zo's response is surprising and I suppose it would be based on his conservatism.

He somewhat agrees that the Confederate flag is a symbol of "white supremacy" although there are more accurate symbols of that he displays in this video. Even the Stars & Stripes was used for this purpose by the KKK and people who are clear thinking let them.

I have no problem with the Confederate battle flag. It's a symbol of many things one of which is a symbol of rebellion against the United State of America. Yeah the Confederate States of America did have continued support for slavery, but who knows it could've been abolished in due course had the Confederacy survived as a nation.

Either way, both Zo and I can say that this young man should in fact raise the stars and stripes in his dorm room instead of the battleflag. Our nation's flag should prevail over an historic relic Southern pride or otherwise.

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