Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul stands up for Blacks...

[VIDEO] This is a collage of various clips of Ron Paul (via Newsalert). Apparently he was at a forum hosted by Tavis Smiley although I can't establish when this was. Perhaps this was from 2008 when he ran for Republican nomination and lost to eventual winner Sen. John McCain. The other clip was certainly from 2008 where he was interviewed on CNN.

I think in entitling this video, all the YouTube uploader did was just claim that Ron Paul was a racist. That is a charge against him but I'm sure mostly by those who insists that Republicans are racist. Most of his comments make sense and surely is real to a lot of people right now.

He talks about how the "War on Drugs" are unfair to blacks. His solution is to end the war on drugs. He also is against the federal death penalty. Also he claims Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King as his heros in attempting to refute claims of racism.

What do you think of Ron Paul's comments?

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