Friday, December 16, 2011

And now a drive down the "great" Michigan Avenue...

[VIDEO] Alas, it's not the more well known "Magnificent Mile" with all the shopping and million dollar properties. Instead it's the shopping and residential areas on the far south side of Chicago that's referred to here as the "Non-Magnificent Mile". That area is referred to as Roseland, a very depressed community with abandoned homes, vacant buildings with bombed out storefronts, and vacant lots.

This is an area I drive through a lot and of course when I see anything from either better days to even its worst, it's thrilling to see it exposed to the rest of the world on the internet. It's all just to show the world what the real Chicago looks like.

Our host, Partee Wesley, has a sense of humor in spite of this bleakness. Then near the end he turns more serious letting us know that it's very important to see the entire meal and not to see it cut in half. He even makes an offhanded reference to one possible reason why the Olympics aren't coming to Chicago.

Via YoChicago!

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