Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steve Jobs Broke Every Leadership Rule. Don't Try It Yourself.

Well I read this article and a lot of people are upset that he's unable to continue as Apple CEO. He's ill and probably won't be the temperamental visionary that's portrayed in this column. In the wake of his announcement, I've read some pieces which laud his ability to learn from his many early failures.

This piece does have as part of it's title "don't try it yourself", however, it ends with this:

There’s a reason Steve Jobs is Exhibit A, and not even B or C. It is because his exceptional and unique vision and certainty of what he saw excused his tyrannical behavior. Or, no, they didn’t excuse it but made it necessary. And the power of his personality and the sweep of what he achieved meant that even after all his punishment of disappointing staff and others, all his berating of many of those around him, people at Apple were heartbroken to see him step down from the chief executive’s job this week.

Go ahead and behave the way he did yourself, as a CEO—as long as you’ve got all of Steve Jobs’ charisma, revolutionary vision, and innovative genius, along with his relentless drive and temper.
Well one way to look at it is that now that he's stepping down as CEO, he's become a success. So therefore what can I say about it?

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