Saturday, August 06, 2011

AT&T Opens the Bridge for BlackBerry-PlayBook Connection

AT&T Opens the Bridge for BlackBerry-PlayBook Connection

I wanted to look seriously as the BlackBerry PlayBook until I saw this:
Users will be able to access basic information coming into their BlackBerry from the tablet without a paid tethering plan, but those looking to access the Web using their BlackBerry’s Internet connection will need to sign up for the $20-per-month tethering plan.
I won't necessarily need a separate data plan, but to access the internet still need to pay more for tethering.

Even for a basic 16GB PlayBook, it costs the same as a similar iPad with only wifi ($499). A 16GB iPad with wifi and 3G capability will cost $130 more. There are other sizes to the PlayBook with a 32GB and a 64GB that will go up by $100 each at $599 & $699 respectively.

At least the Playbook has wifi. Then I also understand that one could use tethering with an iPad instead of having to purchase a data plan for that device.

BTW, I'm a bit upset that I missed a sale for the Playbook at Staples. Could've saved $100 on it if purchase before July 30th with a coupon! >:(

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