Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Five Ways the Drug War Hurts Kids by Reason.tv

Ted Balacker of Reason.tv talks to Neill Franklin of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). A quote provided by Reason is a good one:
Commentators like Bill O'Reilly claim that ending the drug war would lead to more children being abused by drug-addicted parents. But 33-year law enforcement veteran Neill Franklin sees it differently.

"These drugs in an illegal environment are more accessible to our kids," says Franklin, who serves as Executive Director Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, "because we leave complete control, regulation, and standards up to the criminals."
To be sure, I'm really an agnostic on the issue of decriminalizing illegal narcotics. Alcohol in general is harmless although like narcotics it affects people in different ways.

Why do we accept the ending of prohition on alcohol close to 80 years ago while it's hotly debated with regards to illegal narcotics? What I can accept is at the very least a decriminalization of marihuana, but it's hard for me to consider the decriminalization of say crack cocaine or heroin.

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