Friday, August 13, 2010

Constitution is this year’s big best-seller

Well this is old news from this past May, but with the activity of the Tea Party movement and Glenn Beck and others talking about our Constitution we shouldn't be very surprised:
Demand for copies of the U.S. Constitution is skyrocketing.

The increased interest comes amid the rise of the Tea Party movement and as both parties cite the Constitution to advance their agendas.

The pocket edition of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence ranked 10th on the Government Printing Office’s (GPO) best-seller list in March.

Since September 2009, the GPO has sold more than 8,700 copies of the pocket Constitution to the public, according to GPO spokesman Gary Somerset. That is a higher sell rate than in recent years.

Those sales are in addition to the thousands of copies given to members of Congress each year. Congress authorized a resolution in 2009 to print 441,000 copies for the use of the House (1,000 for each member) and 100,000 copies for the Senate (1,000 for each senator).

The Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute, which keep statistics on the Constitution, also say that requests for the historical document are on the rise.

GPO sells copies for $2.75, but constituents can request a free one from their lawmaker.

Congressional offices are burning through theirs stacks of pocket Constitutions.
You know what prompted this? I was watching a replay of what happened on C-Span's Washington Journal this morning and the host pulled out his leather bound pocket constitution to read the 14 amendment. This was in light of Mike Huckabee's comments with regards to whether or not we should do away with citizenship by birthright.

As for getting that pocket constitution, I was prepared to purchase one thru the GPO's online store. Perhaps I should see if my local congressman might be able to provide one for me. When I do I shall post the results!

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