Thursday, June 03, 2010

What to do with unused subway entrances?

I noticed them a while back putting bricks on the stairs into the mezzanine level where one in the past would board onto the CTA Red Line at Washington/State. This entrance is on State Street between Madison and Washington.

The Washington/State section of the Red Line has been closed since 2006 as a result of well construction of a new building on the former vacant property at Block 37 located north of Washington on the west side of the street. There were also plans to build a "superstation" with the intent of running and express rail service from downtown towards the city's airports. Unfortunately that proved to be too much cost wise and that project was shut down, but at least we have a nice building at Block 37 that may not live up to expectations as another big city mall!

Oh yeah I noted that they were placing bricks at one point onto the stairs into this closed station. Another day they finally covered up the stairs. Then on this day when I took these pictures it looks like they placed a garden on top of the coverings.

How about that for going green?

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Rob Ross said...

This grass is going to die and the hole will fill up with trash. Faaaaantastic.

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