Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the market for a new camcorder

I got my eye on the Flip camera and decided to check out some of the models at a local Best Buy. The cheapest models is between $150 to $200 and at my rate of wages it seems like the most difficult amount for me to get off of if it was something I wanted.

The main reason that I want one is for something that I can use to shoot video on the go. It would be easier to use than a MiniDV camera which is what I currently own now. At least my time won't be wasted by having to load the camera with a tape before I can press record. At least this camera could fit in a pocket at least if I want to conceal it.

Another reason is that this type of camera is less intimidating that a regular video camera. I Googled and article to find that reason. Really this is key if you were a TV journalist and you're carrying around large expensive TV cameras. However I think this is key even for people who like to record video on the go and find that someone may have a problem with them shooting a video.

For right now at least I'm a long way from making a decision. When that purchase is made, expect the news to be posted here and

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