Monday, March 22, 2010

Looking at Wikipedia regarding the recent health care bill

EDIT 10:03 PM I got it wrong. This is the bill, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, awaiting the President's signature tomorrow morning. That is probably about 2400 pages of reading right there. It's THIS bill that people are upset about. And rewriting America's social contract. Well the state's are addressing that by seeking a lawsuit against the federal government because it violates state sovereignty. It's in this bill that individuals are forced to buy health insurance!

According to MSNBC the President is expected to sign this legislation into law tomorrow. Watching FOX News last night there are a lot of people who aren't happy. I get the feeling that many in Congress may have risked their seats with this legislation.

The basic explanation of the provisions in this bill Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010 is left wanting however reading Wikipedia:
The Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act is divided into two titles, one addressing health care reform and the other addressing student loan reform. Title I would increase Medicaid subsidies to the states, raise the threshold for the excise tax on the "Cadillac", or high-value, insurance plans excise tax and delay implementation of the tax until 2018. Title II would modify student loans by ending government subsidies to private lenders.
Unless I read the bill which is said to be a monstrosity to read and I'm simply not willing to read it, surely there are more details that explains to me why someone like Tom Delay (the former House Majority Whip) and others are upset about the successful passage of this bill.

One thing I hear about this bill is that it WILL force those of us without insurance into buying insurance. If one fails to buy insurance they should be fined. This is effectively federalizing the Massachusetts solution which was enacted by a Republican Governor in that state.

Anyway without making you read the full text of this future law I'll have you read this section by section analysis of this bill. It'll be much easier to read. So far it doesn't look like you'll either be forced to buy health-insurance or fined for failing to buy health insurance.

But if you're convinced that this bill will either signal a rewriting of America's social contract and a heralding of full blown socialism here in the states I will invite you to point this out anywhere in that piece of legislation. Thank you!

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