Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Andrew Marcus on the Streets of Chicago

You can see this video over at Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment blog. We see the gamut of responses mostly from younger people who may well support President Obama's new health care law and an ex-patriot older Swedish man who left his homeland years ago. He didn't like the nanny state that existed in Sweden and sees that there are those in the US who are active in building such a state here. He even expresses reservations that the government may come after him because he isn't with the program. Yeesh!

Via Instapundit!

As an added bonus Andrew Marcus showed a rally in front of Evanston area Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. That was posted over at John Ruberry's Marathon Pundit last week.


Ramsin Canon said...

Are these fools serious?

liz canada said...

a very sad day for your Founding Fathers!America I am crying for your great nation.Also a sad time for the world!

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