Saturday, February 06, 2010

Reagan's birthday!

Had he lived he'd have been 99 today, next year he would've been 100.

Early during the first year of this blog I had written about him on his birthday (just as I am today) and connected his legacy to the term of President George W. Bush. My views may have changed somewhat today on that, but there are a lot of people obviously who have great admiration and repsect for President Reagan.

BTW, when I wrote that post five years ago the President had died the previous summer. Many of us watched the events around his state funeral in Washington, DC. The affection for President Reagan was on display during that occasion.

One idea hasn't changed since that first post, the recent Bush administration was supposed to be a resurgence of sorts of the Reagan philosophy. But it does seem that the presidency of George W. Bush fell far short of that milestone. Both have fairly strong foreign policy objectives, however, one can only wonder if Reagan would have been on board with some of Bush's foreign policy execution. Would Reagan have been willing to go into Iraq for example?

Anyway, in the future we'll see someone similar to him. We may have one such person in the White House today, although there is no guarantee that he may have the high esteem of the American people behind him. But we'll see by 2012 or even later than that when historians will truly re-evaluate President Obama's legacy.

Right now, we see who has love for President Reagan!

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