Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have you been watching the winter games?

I haven't really watched consistently. My favorite winter sport for the most part is hockey but I was interesting in curling. Since hockey & curling are not the only Olympic sports and that means that finding them on TV will be tricky.

I've heard that USA hockey (filled with mostly NHL players) were winning some good games in 2010, I simply haven't been able to watch a single game of Winter Olympic hockey.

Today I was able to watch curling. The match between teams Sweden and Switzerland is the longest I've seen some very good curling. At that this is the longest amount of time I've ever watched this obscure sport.

To be sure though I was watching a skiing event during the first week or so of the winter games and was just unenthused by a commentator noting the fall of a skiier during a race could cost them half a second. It was a bit annoying and much but then I recognize that skiing doesn't really interest me all that much.

Then in curling today I saw how the game was being over analyzed by the broadcasters. It made me wish that there was a C-Span for sports. That way all sports fans have to do is watch the action instead of hearing a whole lot of lip over the action.

Besides that is my gripe about sports in this country. People do like to talk about sports. Personally my thing is the business side especially how much a player is worth or how much it takes to build a champion or indeed how much a particular sports franchise is worth (especially during the attempts to sell the Chicago Cubs).

It's just that at times, I'm often irritated at sports talk. I mostly have to watch it on TV, but for the most part I choose not to. It's also my choice not to even start listening to it on the radio. In fact I haven't listened to it, but I have to respect those who live by it.

At the very least during the Olympics I should be able to live without the over analysis during the course of the obscure sports that you would often see during the winter and summer games. Although hey, if these sports are obscure most of us do want to know what exactly is going on.

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