Monday, December 14, 2009

Hobbies are fun

YouTube is a wonderful contraption. You see items such as this tribute transmitted on that video sharing website a lot. I can only imagine how much different our world is because there is a warehouse of vids that are stored for our view.

This video is of Ray Glasser of Cleveland, Ohio paying tribute to a dear friend. Glasser's channel is called videoholicreturns. We may already have figured out why he has chosen that handle. I have watched his videos a lot overtime and have seen that he really likes to show off his videos and video equipment.

It's really cool to have had a significant correspondence over the years with someone who shares the same enthusiasm. Indeed very creative about how they present their video correspondence. Of course such activity is probably easier these days as no long do we have to send video via what they call "snail-mail" now.

We have social networking to share our thoughts with the world around us. We have YouTube, Facebook, and run of the mill blogs to share. Although we may have private channels so that we're not sharing everything with everyone. This may even include "snail-mail" at that.

So enjoy this treat and part 2. And enjoy the creativity of these two friends. See their "video letter" intros here & here. I certainly enjoy, but I must admit their inclusion of footage from a high-wire act going awry to the Kennedy assassination to even 9/11 are a bit troublesome. Well just saying, but never to take away from their passion and talent.

Still this is a treat worth sharing.

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