Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drunk people on the Chicago L

This lady boarded the train at 47th. She decided to ask me to get to Amtrak (@ Union Station). I could smell some alcohol on her. In addition it seemed that I was agitating her because she kept talking about missing the train that she's had reservations for three weeks.

Every time she would ask me the question about where to get off for Amtrak I would tell her Jackson. Unfortunately you have a ways to go to get to Union Station. You could change for the Blue Line or change for a bus, but apparently she didn't get it or understand and she seemed to indicate that she was tired of the CTA and probably me.

Another horrible thing about this was that she spoke in a barely audible tone. I didn't exactly understand her very well. Well I told her how many stops the red line had until we get to Jackson or saying Jackson we got to Jackson and without a word I got up and exited the train at this stop. She continued to sit there.

You know there was a moment where I had to think that she might outright assault me for not giving her the directions to get to Amtrak. She wasn't exactly sober and during that time on the train she pulled out a can in a brown paper bag and sipping out of it. She was drinking, I could smell the alcohol and I even wondered whether or not she would be allowed on Amtrak because she was intoxicated.

All the same I hope she made onto the train although I didn't take much responsibility for getting her there especially at the stop where she should get off the train to get to Amtrak. Although in making my attempt to help her she didn't prove herself very nice and at that point it may well have been easier to wash my hands of this situation. The good thing is that I kept my cool when it seemed at times she was going to lose it.

Another story from the L yesterday. I got on the train at Roosevelt with some young people who sat across from me on the train. It seems all this young man wanted to say was "I DON'T GIVE A F*CK!" He did this in such a high pitched voice what I wished I could say was, "I would give a f*ck if you got off this train because I don't want to hear your convo".

After continuing to talk on his phone continuing his high pitched tirade on his phone, the young man finally got off the train at Garfield. I breathed a sigh of relief when he did!

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