Thursday, October 01, 2009

Chicago Football Classic history through past game programs

I've got several programs from past games. The first past game I found dates back to September 11, 1993. It's amazing that I really don't remember going to this game or what exactly happened but I have the program from it. What I choose to focus on is the politicians who extend either greetings or proclamations.

For instance then Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar (Republican) paid repsects to HBCUs Jackson State University & Tennessee State University.

In 2000, a Governor was missing. That's right George Ryan (Republican) never did a greeting or a proclamation in honor of the Chicago Football Classic. Who knows, in spite of placing a moratorium on the death penalty during his tenure or even commuting all death row sentences, it probably could have helped him way back when. Republican or Democrat this is certainly a way to reach out to an important voting block.

As always however Mayor Daley has offered his words in 1993, 2000, and especially 2009.




Not only has he extended greetings to the participating schools in the Chicago Football Classic but he's been named honorary chairman of this event and documented also in the programs from the game in 2000 & 2009.

This first scan lists the organizers of the 2000 Chicago Football Classic. This list includes prominent black businesspeople, media, financial supporters, event coordination and special thanks to the Chicago Public Schools. And look at the end of the list with a mention of Sen. Emil Jones Jr. and John Stroger.

This is merely a letter from 2009 and it specifically names Daley and honorary chair of the 2009 Chicago Football Classic.

Now going back to an Illinois Governor offering his words regarding the Chicago Football Classic Pat Quinn (Democrat) offers his words. Knowing that this event goes back beyond twelve years I thought Pat Quinn got this one wrong although the current incarnation was probably around that long.

Finally let's check out father and son who also have served at Cook County Board President and their comments on this game from 2000 & 2009 respectively.

To note both John and Todd have actually attended HBCUs, in fact they're graduates of Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

To note well you might have seen this in the various greetings/proclamations but this game is used to promote HBCUs and generally is a way to expose them to inner city public school students. Some adults may have attended HBCUs and perhaps this may be their way of supporting them.

Either way last Saturday's game between Mississippi Valley State and Alabama State Universities was won my Mississippi Valley 10 to 3. Watching the bands play at the end was nice as well.

EDIT: I forgot to note Rod Blagojevich. I went to a game in 2005, but I never got a program and that was after maybe a four or so year break due to the reconstruction of Soldier Field. Either way I have no way of knowing of Ousted governor had at all ever wrote a proclamation/greeting in honor of this event.

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