Thursday, September 17, 2009

Former Cub says education debt claim 'a formality'

Damn it Dunston!
Shawon Dunston played for six teams in his major-league career, but he always considered himself a Cub at heart.

So news that Dunston sent a handwritten letter to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware objecting to the decision to place the team in bankruptcy was surprising.

Dunston, who works part time for the San Francisco Giants, wrote that he was "entitled to college scholarship funds" from the Cubs that were part of his original contract.

Reached in his San Francisco-area home Thursday night, Dunston explained that a financial adviser told him to write the letter and that he has no intention of going to college at this stage of his life.

"It was just a formality," Dunston said. "When I signed the contract [in 1982], they said they'd pay for my college tuition if I ever went. It was part of my signing bonus, but I never used it. My adviser asked me about it, and told me to send a letter by the 16th [of September], so that's what I did. I have nothing against the Cubs."
Another thing that could hold up this sale. Sorry Dunston, I don't see the point of pursuing something that you have no use for. This claim can only seem frivolous, although who knows the Cubs might actually honor that clause especially if the new and old owners are ready to conclude this deal!

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